The Roulette Table Layout

Roulette game comes with one of the most fascinating and colourful table layouts. Be it in the land-based casinos or live Roulette game, the table is pretty outstanding just like the Roulette wheel. The Roulette game is played in different versions with three being main viz., European Roulette, American Roulette and French Roulette. All the three versions are almost the same but there are few differences in their layout and gameplay too. This article will help you understand the table layout of all the three versions.

European Live Roulette Table Layout

European Roulette is played with a total of 37 numbers – 0 to 36. You should note that the number of zeros in this European live Roulette table layout is single. There are a total of three columns and 12 rows coloured in black and red where the numbers from 1 to 36 are divided and placed. On top of this arrangement is the green box with a single zero in it. Below the arrangement, there are three boxes for three columns (somewhat like the extension of the columns), also green in colour, which represent one of the outside bets known as ‘column bet’. Since the payout of this bet is 2:1, you can find 2 to 1 written in these three boxes.

European live Roulette comes with an extension at one side to the above arrangement. There are a total of two additional columns attached to the layout which have a green coloured background.

The column immediately adjacent to the above layout shows the division of numbers into three, viz., one division for first twelve numbers (1-12), second for the next set of twelve numbers (13-24) and the third division shows the final set of numbers from 25 to 36. These also represent one of the outside bets known as ‘Dozen bets’ meaning players can directly bet on one of these sets of 12 numbers for a payout of 2:1.

The second column comes with six rows. All these six rows represent outside bets viz., 1 to 18, Even, Red, Black, Odd and 19 to 36. These bets are arranged in a similar manner from top to bottom.

American Live Roulette Table Layout

American Roulette table layout comes with the exact same arrangement as that of European Roulette table layout but with two zeros on top (as opposed to a single zero in case of European Roulette).

French Live Roulette Table Layout

The inner arrangement of the French Roulette table layout is the same as that of the European Roulette but differs in the outside slot. There are two columns present at each side of the layout. One side of the column shows the arrangement of 1 to 18, Odd, Red and the other comes with 19 to 36, Even and Black bets arrangement.

While everything is laid out in English in the European and American Roulette table layout, the French Roulette comes with French writings.


Name: The Roulette Table Layout
Author : Sophia Taylor
Published Date: 17/02/2019