What to expect from Live Roulette: Top 5 Tips

Live casinos are becoming more popular in the online gambling world. It would be a surprise if the online gamblers haven’t heard of Live Roulette yet. Playing against a live dealer with a Roulette table set in a lavish setting is an experience that marks no mention. What’s more, is that you get you to gamble and win cash prizes sitting in the comfort of your chair.

No matter how many times people have heard or played Roulette live, very few have learned the tricks and tips to gamble well. And if you are not one of those experts, don’t worry as you’ll get to know the basic yet important tips and tricks to play Roulette live here in this article

Top 5 Tips and Tricks to Play Live Roulette

You might know that there’s no sure and short trick to win but even small tips and strategies can make you successful in playing Roulette.

  • Choose the right variation

As you might know, standard live casinos only offer so many Roulette variations: American, European and French variations. If you want to play smart, don’t go for American Roulette, and play French or European variation instead as they offer ‘in prison’ or ‘la partage’ rules. Also, these variation rules offer relatively lower house edge.

  • Understand the odds before playing

The single number bet is the largest paying Roulette bet. However, most amateur and unskilled players bet their big bucks only on a single number, which is a bad strategy. The chances of hitting a ball to that specific number are bleak. So a great strategy would be to divide the bets and focus on groups of rows or columns to win a definite and decent win.

  • Unbalanced Roulette: Truth or just a myth

There’s a common thought among the Roulette players that a Roulette wheel is slightly imbalanced so some numbers give out often than the others. And as you know that live Roulette is played with real Roulette tables so the players think Roulette live table has slight imbalance too. This is absolutely wrong. Think about it, would casino owners place an imbalanced wheel and let it be seen by players and use it to their advantage? Certainly not!

  • Know the truth of Betting Systems

Betting systems are only supposed to work on a big balance. So playing live Roulette for hours and waiting for the betting system to come into play is useless. If you search around or listen to the professionals, they also say that the working of the betting systems are unfavourable and haven’t been proved yet.

  • Outside Bets

The last golden rule is to avoid inside bets i.e. single number bet, split bet and corner. Go for outside bets like 1 to 1, 2 to 1, 1st 12, 2nd 12, etc if you want to play on large bets. If you’re desperate to make inside bets play on some outside bets so your losses will get covered.

So these are the golden rules so can play smart and win more from live Roulette. So play smart win big and enjoy your live Roulette game time!


Name: What to expect from Live Roulette: Top 5 Tips
Author : Sophia Taylor
Published Date: 20/03/2019