Why Live Roulette is so popular?

Live Roulette has always been loved by all the players around the world. Moreover, Roulette was popular in the era of land-based casinos and with the advent of online casinos, it remains popular till date. There have been various variants of live Roulette that have been released previously by various gaming companies out of which Evolution Gaming still remains on the top.

What Live Roulette actually is?

In the live version, the dealers can chat with the players directly while the game is played live and streamed through live videos on the computer/mobile screens. The dealer faces the cameras in a studio setup. Apart from the fact that you play this game on a computer or mobile, everything will remain the same. The dealer will not be physically present at that time. Live streaming makes the game overall more exciting and interesting.

In Roulette, you have to place the bet and a chance is given to see if you lose or win. The graphics have high quality and you get to see the cards being handled live in front of you. Another advantage is that there are fairly low betting limits due to which player of any budget levels can easily give it a try.

Bets on offer

Every table consists of a minimum as well as maximum bets that are displayed in the game itself. Note that different Roulette variants have different bets present. For example, some Roulette variants consist of side bets along with inside and outside bets while other variants do not include side bets. Another advantage is that you can easily come back to the bets when you switch between playing. So, a variety of bets is present in Roulette like side bets, neighbour bets, outside bets, inside bets and both the outside and inside bets are further divided into subcategories.

Inside bets consist of six-line betting, corner bet, street bet, split bets, neighbour bets and straight bet. Outside bets consist of a high or low bet, even or odd bet, dozen bet, colour bets and column bet. After the betting time gets over, a signal will be made by the dealer for ‘No More Bets’. Also, you can place more than 1 kind of bet for each spin as it is not necessary to place just one kind of bet.

The Live Roulette Variants

There are variants released include Double Ball Roulette, Immersive Roulette, Live Roulette VIP, Auto Roulette VIP Live, Speed Roulette Live, French Roulette Live, Great Rhino Roulette Live and many more. You always have an option to switch between the variants whenever you feel like.

As it has always been a hot option in the gaming sector, you can expect some real fun playing Live Roulette at the listed casinos at Live Roulette Guide.


Name: Why Live Roulette is so popular?
Author : Sophia Taylor
Published Date: 25/04/2019